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ACXEL Tech Ltd. is a spin-out company from the Hetero-Genesys Laboratory (HGL) at the University of Cambridge, UK, founded by Dr. Hanbin Ma and Professor Arokia Nathan, then Director of the HGL. It was created in 2016 with the objective of improving sample handling technologies.

The ACXEL team is from the Electrical Engineering Division at Cambridge – with a primary focus on the heterogeneous integration of materials and processes, sensors, energy harvesting and storage devices pertinent to large area nanosystems. The team has considerable expertise in the area of microelectronics, with its work covering thin-film deposition, disposable thin-film device/circuit fabrication, impedance-based biosensing-system design and microfluidics sensor design.

ACXEL won First Prize in the 2017 Cambridge Enterprise Business Plan Competition.

Our People

Dr. Hanbin Ma
  • PhD in Engineering from University of Cambridge
  • Isaac Newton Post-doc Fellow (2014–2015)
  • PDRA work in thin-film deposition, disposable thin-film device/circuit fabrication, impedance-based biosensing-system designand microfluidics sensor design.
  • Previously Research Assistant at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. MSc in Nanotechnology from University College, London. Technology consultant for Bio-Nano Consulting, London.
Dr. Yang Su
  • PhD in Engineering from University of Cambridge
  • Bachelor degree from Southeast University, China
  • Research area covers visible light photocatalysts for wastewater treatment, impedance-based biosensing-system design, electronic system design.
Prof. Arokia Nathan
  • Former Chair of Photonic Systems and Displays and Director of the Hetero-Genesys Laboratory, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.
  • 25+ years’ experience in microelectronics (thin film transistors in particular).
  • Recognised internationally in his field and has significant experience in industry partnering, the patenting of intellectual property and device development. Serves on various technical committees.
  • Over 100 patents filed/awarded; founder/co-founder of four spin-off companies.
  • Founder of IGNIS Innovation Inc., an emissive-display-technology company dedicated to addressing industrial challenges in Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) displays (used widely in smartphones, IT displays, TVs, virtual reality, augmented reality and the automotive industry).


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