Cell sorting and manipulation
Cell sorting is a method of dividing mixed cells into several different groups with different characteristics according to their properties.
This technique is essential for the study of stem cells, immune cells, blood cells, tumor cells, and all of the other rare cells at low concentrations.
Cell therapy
Cytotherapy describes the process of introducing new cells into a tissue to treat a disease.
Cell therapy usually focuses on genetic diseases and is sometimes supplemented by gene therapy. Using modern high-tech means to make the essence of natural substances into small molecules many times smaller than human cells, using the principle of "quantum mechanics" to penetrate into the nucleus of cells at the molecular and atomic levels for biological, chemical and electrical reactions, through cell nutrition and repair, activate the body's "self-healing function" and on this basis to build a sound and strong immune system.
Antibody therapy
Antibody therapy is a kind of immunotherapy, which aims at the low or hyperactive immune state of the body and artificially enhances or suppresses the immune function of the body in order to cure diseases.
Antibody therapy is the hottest way of cancer treatment nowadays, which is regarded as the third revolution of cancer treatment. So far, immunotherapy has developed in many forms: targeted antibodies, cancer vaccines, adoptive cell therapy, oncolytic viruses, immunocheckpoint inhibitors, cytokines, and immune adjuvants.
Synthetic biology
Synthetic biology differs from other traditional life sciences in its "engineering essence" , which is mainly embodied in two aspects. One is the "strategy" of "bottom-up" forward engineering, the other is the goal-oriented construction (reconstruction) of "artificial life" .
Using synthetic biology technology, it is possible to solve a series of technical problems that have puzzled gene therapy and biological therapy for a long time, and develop more effective drugs and treatments for complex diseases such as cancer and diabetes It is also possible to break through the technological bottleneck in the development of biofuels, to simulate and even design simpler and more efficient biological processes, to produce more complex natural products, and to synthesize more organic chemical products.
Chemical Synthesis
Chemical Synthesis is the process of preparing complex compounds from simple compounds, which requires many steps and a lot of time and labor until the target product is synthesized.
The new materials provided by chemical synthesis have enabled the further development of space technology, atomic energy industry and the exploitation of marine resources. Chemical Synthesis has not only promoted the modernization of agriculture, but has also been applied to biology, physics and other disciplines, it is expected to play an important role in conquering diseases such as cancer and mental disorders in the future.