What's the difference?

This is the century of life sciences. ACX Instruments offers tremendous platform and exceptional services for drug discovery and fundamental biological research. We adopt mature electronics flat-panel manufacturing technology, advanced consumer electronics design concepts as well as semiconductor (thin-film-based) technology in the biochemical laboratory.

ACX Instruments's Active Pixel Lab-on-Chip (AP-LOC) technology, AM-EWOD, AM-DMF platform enables a higher-throughput, parallel, and more precise manipulation of micro-discrete droplets. ACX Instruments provides customized solution for digital microfluidic platform, offering mass-production support and suggestions.

Multi-process on-chip integration, minimal manual operation. Self-developed open-source software with customized UI design and a pleasant user interaction experience.
Fully-electronic system, real-time feedback monitoring, ensuring reactions to be observed simultaneously.
Modular design, compatible with a wide range of reaction mechanisms. The smallest reaction system guarantees most independent reactions in parallel.